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1.Corporate Finance   2.Merge and Acquisition   3.Administrative Process Review
4.Societal advisory   5.Data Mining   6.Modeling   7.Projections
1. Corporate Finance
•Economic and financial budgets
•Business and strategy alignment
•Partner search
•Balanced Scorecard implementation
•Company and project valuation

2. Merger and Acquisition
•Due diligence
•Bid offer
•Contractual consulting

3. Administrative Process Review
•Cash flows
•Process optimization
•Improvement implementation
•Project leadership

4. Societal Advisoryo
•Capital contributions and withdraws
•Corporate governance and audit committee
•Company reorganization
•Shareholder and board of director meetings

5. Data Mining

•Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
•Customer segmentation, acquisition and
•X-Selling and Up-Selling
•Campaign response evaluation e
•Improvement in corporate risk assessment
•Trade planning optimization
•Loss reduction
•Profit improvement
•Cost analysis and marketing impact
•Credit scoring
•Stock, obsolescence and slow moving items
•Sales and operations

6. Modeling
•Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
•Credit scorecarding
•Controlling modeling
•Predictive models and analytics
•Scoring audit
•Collection curve
•Customer contact strategy

7. Projections
• Lack of payment
•Potential clients / customers
•Key trends and causes of dispersions